Accreditation survey results

Accreditation survey results
Best practices: What really works
This past summer, NADE sent out a Needs Assessment Survey.  We received 651 responses, and we thank everyone who participated. The survey asked “To what degree do you need support to….” Then President-Elect Robin Ozz collated the results and themes. In this and subsequent newsletters, the NADE Executive Board and two Emeritus Cabinet members address the six most-common responses.
Eighty-three percent of respondents reported needing assistance in “increasing success without compromising quality,” followed closely by 80 percent reporting needing assistance in “using research-based best practices.” Those two areas are addressed below.
Remaining hot spot areas of concern were “using assessment” (79 percent), “creating equivalent comparison groups” (63 percent), and “positioning the program in a theory base” (58 percent).
Comments included themes of “We don’t make the decisions anymore,” “We are tired of changes that do not make sense,” and “NADE needs a larger voice and needs to advocate with legislators.” In addition, several expressed worries about the recent elimination of the COMPASS test.
We invite you to become part of the conversation about these topics. Please share your thoughts here about issues that you are facing in your work. Also, consider how NADE Accreditation can help your program.
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