How Much Does A Massage Chair Cost

How Much Does A Massage Chair Cost?

After spending a full day at the workplace, we go home feeling tired with our body muscles aching, stressed and in pain. Since not many of us can afford a spa massage program each day, or hire a professional massage therapist, we find our beds as the only source of comfort. However, this never takes away the pains or the aches in your muscles.

But thanks to modern technology that we have a long lasting solution. If you want to bring to an end all these, buying a massage chair will be the best option. These chairs feature a human touch and help to relieve all your pains as you catch up with the news or your favorite late night show. But how much does a massage chair cost? If the price is what makes you not to buy yourself a massage chair, you have come to the right page.

In this article, we discuss an ultimate list of how much a massage chair cost, to find a price that suits your pocket. Consider reading the whole article for a chance to grasp a better understanding.

Here are some of the prices that you can consider;

Below $500

Under $500 is a price that fits most of us especially people who live under a budget. Despite the low pay, the chairs strive to deliver the expected results. Some of their basic features include;

  • the chairs in this category are simple hand-held chairs that carry basic, user-friendly features,
  • The chairs do offer expected back massage experience,
  • They, however, lack the heat massage therapy programs, and
  • They feature one motor with light single massage intensity.

A perfect example of this category of chairs is the Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner. These chairs are perfect while you’re driving. That means you can have the chair fixed in your car. Also, the chairs are right for the time you’re watching TV.

Between $500 and $2500

Chairs in this category feature better features in comparison to those under $500. Some of their characteristics include;

  • The massage chairs feature advanced technology for a full body massage. That consists of the legs, arms, thighs, shoulders and the neck.
  • Some of the chairs in this category does also offer the heater therapy which is a unique feature,
  • The chairs feature several motors, airbags, control panels, and rollers.
  • They come with a human touch feel with no exclusive gravity position.
  • They do also come with a pre-set of massage functions, and
  • They offer Swedish, shiatsu massage therapies among others.

Some excellent examples of massage chairs in this category include the Compact Kahuna Massage Chair – Hani2200, Zero Gravity Vilito Instant Massage Chair, and the iJoly – 2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair. The best part is that you can have the chair fixed in your car for some massage as you drive. It also forms an excellent place to relax as you watch TV or reading the newspaper or your favorite book. With a full body massage, the chair offers you the relaxation you desire.

Between $2500 and $5000+

Now if you’re looking for the best massage chairs, consider investing above $2500 to $500+. These chairs feature the best features including;

  • Full automation on massage programs that are computer controlled, giving you a new level of desirable experience.
  • The massage chair massages the whole body giving you the satisfaction you desire,
  • It also includes a heat therapy session to relax your body muscles,
  • These chairs come with multiple rollers, motors, different movement directions, and airbags,
  • Also features over 1000 preset massage combinations.
  • The chairs do also feature an MP3 player, with some models featuring a small desk and a cup holder for your tea mag.
  • An added feature is the body scanner and
  • Most of these chairs feature a five-year warranty. That means, in case the chair breaks down, you don’t have anything to worry about the replacement cost.

Perfect examples include the Kahuna LM-8800S 3D Kahuna Massage Chair, INADA DreamWave Massage Chair, Osaki OS-400 Zero Gravity Executive Full Body Massage Chair, and the Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Ultra Massage Chair. Same as the others, you can have the chair fixed in your car.

These are the three main categories of prices that you can consider. The choice heavily depends on your pocket. You, therefore, should pay attention to your budget before picking which massage chair to buy.

Does the Price Matter?

Yes! The price of the chair explains the levels of comfort you’ll enjoy. Chairs costing over $2500 makes you feel better than those costing under $500. High-price chairs such as the INADA DreamWave Massage Chairs gives you a feeling like you’re hugging a human being.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking to understand how much does a massage chair cost, I believe you have it now. The thing is to stick on what you can afford. I hope that you find this article helpful in your buying process.